That’s what this all becomes.
You walk in
and out
of different rooms
in life.
Some of them
you walk slower
you enjoy the room.
You feel the warmth
and stay
a while.
Others, you rush through.

Some have windows.
Others do not.
You choose to board up a few,
make a few of your own.
And sometimes
You like what you see
in other rooms.

So you leave.
You move on.
Sometimes you find yourself
going back to familiar rooms.

This one’s name is Lauren.
This one’s name is Summer.
This one’s name is a secret.

The Walk

Texas sun and windy day

walking down the street


Tousled hair and unshaved grin,

seeing shapes.



All dressed up:

My suit.

My tie.

Caught a pretty lady’s eye.


She says to her friend.


Looked back at them.

Them to me,

"That’s right"

they say

with their eyes 

and sashay away.


I just did day two of this Viking workout.

  • Row 2km
  • Flat out run 1mile (beach to village)
  • Various machines and free weights, non stop (pillage the village)
  • Run mile back to shore
  • Row 2km away from shore

I need to run more. I sit too much during the day. I’ve cut beer out of my diet. I eat basic foods now with little to no processing meaning basically meats, fish, veggies, fruits, grains, less cheese. SERIOUSLY, LESS CHEESE!? This is going to be rough. The idea is to simplify. Essentially a quarter life Fight Club crisis. 

Not only am I simplifying in terms of physical health, but I need to focus on just the necessary things. I’m looking at selling a bunch of my stuff. What I can’t sell, I’ll donate with a bunch of things I don’t need anymore. I’m not happy and I don’t know what to do. I have too much clutter in my head but also in my life.

My brain gets bored quick so I go for quantity over quality. I’m going to start investing more in to my photography. Focus on the website, design, assisting, and getting clients. If I’m not happy, I will fix it. I’m starting to look west to the coast. 

In the past few years I’ve let bad habits form and let those habits destroy good habits, relationships, and opportunities. I haven’t kept up with a lot of friends and I should do that more. I got so used to being alone the year after college. That wasn’t a healthy time either. I had slipped in to a depression and just isolated myself. I’ve got to get back to myself.


Casa delle Bottere by John Pawson

The dart-like volume is set within a deep excavation, creating a single storey above ground and a basement level, with a sunken courtyard to the west.


Abandoned Buzludzha Monument at Bulgaria via Amusing Planet

I don’t believe in ghosts. That’s why architecture is so important. Buildings are the only ghosts that exist.


#Yelawolf #CatfishBilly Awesome picture taken by WillPower #Slumerican #trunkmuzikreturns


#Yelawolf #CatfishBilly Awesome picture taken by WillPower #Slumerican #trunkmuzikreturns

(Source: airows)

There are Worse Things

There is only one thing worse

than wanting someone

you can’t


It’s wanting

to want


and being


to find yourself


wanting them.


I forgot how to lie

so I fell in love again.

Come closer

i might be back. i might be wrong.

I’m trying to wake myself up
by drinking myself under
the table.

I can’t feel unless I’m numb.
I can’t see unless
it’s through
the haze
or the green

Punch the keys until
they’re bloodied.
Uncorked and dripping
pressed to thirsty lips.


Beware of Electric Slugs? (Taken with Instagram)

Beware of Electric Slugs? (Taken with Instagram)

It was soul night and I was out with some friends just dancing with a group. I feel a tap on my shoulder and a girl tells me to get closer. “I just wanted to let you know that you’re sexy and I love the way you dance.” I honestly don’t know what to say when I get compliments like this. This was essentially my reaction.

I Am Back

Sorry it took so long. Life got in the way. I’ll be back writing words soaked in wine and photos of my travels soon enough.